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The Edge Shooter Training Academy

Defensive & Survival Shooting Academy

“The Edge” is an Elite Training provider and is registered with SASSETA and SAPFTC. We offer unit standard based training as well as specialized training programs. “The Edge” offers you a product, not learned from books, but a product that has evolved from years of operational experience and training a variety of specialized units. You now have the opportunity to train yourself or your company to gain “The Edge”.

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The Edge Shooter Training Academy

It’s a state of mind!

The Edge Shooter Training Academy is run by Leo Prinsloo, an ex-Police Special Task Force operator and trainer.

Leo Prinsloo served 17 years in the South African Police Service. Twelve of those years were spent in the SAPS Special Task Force unit. In order to join the elite unit, Leo Prinsloo first successfully completed the Special Task Force Selection Course no 13.

The Special Task Force is a counter-terrorism unit.  Leo served this unit not only as an operator but also as an operational marksman (sniper). In the latter part of his career, he was involved in training the snipers and operational members. Leo was responsible for deploying sniper teams for major events and summits, including visits by foreign national heads of state such as President George W. Bush and former President Clinton, and the inauguration ceremony of South African President Mbeki.

Leo is well versed in all techniques of urban and rural combat. As a Special Task Force member, he has done extensive Special Task Force training with various Police and Military organizations. Before Leo Prinsloo was promoted to the rank of Captain, he was responsible for planning of operations and liaising with other role players on numerous occasions.  Following his appointment as Section Commander, he successfully managed a number of high-profile operations including:

  • Arrest of dangerous criminals
  • High-risk assistance to other units
  • Hostage situations successfully handled
  • Body recoveries (diving and high angle recoveries)
  • VIP Protection (President Mandela, President Mbeki, Deputy President Zuma, USA Deputy President
    Al Gore, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Duke of York, President F.W. De Klerk)
  • Training of other units in the handling of firearms, and various tactical deployment methods.

Leo Prinsloo was also responsible for the tactical planning and deployment of Special Task Force and SANDF Snipers at the XII Non Aligned Movement Summit of Heads of States of Government (NAM), as well as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM).

Some of his other duties included:
Liaison with other sniper units around the world, the evaluation of sniper rifles and other sniper related equipment, the procurement of such equipment and monitoring of the members’ operational currency levels.
Under his command as Head of Sniper operations and training, the Special Task Force established its own world-class sniper training manual and Leo conducted two sniper courses that can be compared to the best in the world. Participating in these two courses were the head of the snipers in the French police’s RAID unit as well as the head of the Italian sniper’s unit called NOCS.

During 2002 Leo Prinsloo was invited to participate in the French unit’s sniper refresher course and qualified as the best shot on the course!

Other duties as an instructor included managing the weapons phase for the 2003 Special Task Force selection, where the candidate is trained in all firearms: Handgun, shotgun, rifle and carbine. Co-ordinating and supervising shooting exercises and shooting ranges were all part of these duties. This training ranged from basic to an advanced level and included special tactical advancements for urban and rural warfare.

The Edge Shooter training academy thus offers the best training and can motivate anyone to be

The Best they can be”.

What we do

The Edge Shooter Training Academy

Basic Firearm Handling Skills / Fundamentals of Shooting

“Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”

  • Gun owner mindset
  • Safe firearm handling techniques
  • Safe-making procedures
  • Loading and unloading firearm procedures
  • Range procedures
  • Being comfortable with your firearm

Intermediate Firearm Training

“Discomfort shouldn’t be an excuse not to take action. Discomfort is the currency of success” ~ Brooke Castillo

  • Mindset
  • Colour codes of awareness
  • OODA-loop
  • Working from the holster
  • Basic movements off the line
  • Various shooting positions
  • Magazine changes
  • Stoppage drills
  • Holsters and attire

Advanced Firearm Training

“Visualization is the most powerful tool you have in your mental strengths arsenal”

  • Mind-set
  • Reacting under pressure
  • Shooting moving targets
  • Shooting multiple targets
  • Target identification
  • Night shooting techniques
  • Urban movements
  • Vehicle drills and techniques
  • Shooting techniques over long distances

Firearm Competency : Private Use

“Knowledge, skills and attitude- the first two you can obtain, the last one is your decision”

  • Unit standard legal test – 117705
  • Unit standard use of a Handgun – 119649
  • Unit standard use of a Shotgun –  119652
  • Unit standard use of a manually operated Rifle / Carbine –  119651
  • Unit standard use of a self-loading Rifle / Carbine – 119650

Firearm Competency : Business Use

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.

  • Handgun for business purposes – 123515
  • Shotgun for business purposes – 123514
  • Manually operated Rifle / Carbine for business purposes – 123519
  • Self-loading Rifle / Carbine for business purposes -123511

Firearm Tactical Unit Standards

“On the other side of the pain- Good things await”

  • Demonstrate tactical proficiency with a Handgun – 123513
  • Apply tactical knowledge in the use of firearms – 123510
  • Demonstrate tactical proficiency with a self-loading Rifle / Carbine – 123518
  • Demonstrate tactical proficiency with a Shotgun – 123512
  • Range officer training – 123516
  • Supervise shooting range and tactical shooting operations – 123517
  • Firearms Instructor training – 123520

Medical Training

“Embrace the suck”

Level 3 Department of Labour course
Stop the bleed
TACMED / TEMS medical course

Some of the topics to be covered:

  • CPR
  • Trauma Care
  • Gun Shot Treatment
  • Wound Ballistics
  • Tactical Equipment / Medical Equipment
  • Patient Transport
  • Field Dressings
  • Medicines / Drips
  • Long Term Patient Survival
  • Personnel Protection

Basic Sniper/ Marksmanship

“Let go of your ego – It will hold you back”

  • Introduction to the sniping concept
  • Equipment
  • Sniper rifle
  • Telescopes
  • Basic ballistics
  • Basic marksmanship

Advanced Sniper / Marksmanship

“Si Vis Pacem Parrabellum”

  • Advanced shooting techniques
  • Range and wind estimations
  • Stalking techniques- camouflage and movement
  • Special shooting situations (through mediums)
  • Advanced ballistics
  • Hides
  • Observation posts
  • Anti-tracking
  • Long distance shooting up to 1000 meters and beyond

SWAT Training: (Law Enforcement, Police & Military Units Only)

“Blood, sweat and respect- The first two you give, the last one you earn”

  • Safe firearm handling techniques
  • Advanced handgun, shotgun and self-loading rifle / carbine skills
  • Basic and advanced movements under fire
  • Building entry techniques
  • Single and team movement techniques
  • Rural operations
  • Communication skills
  • Night operations
  • Operational equipment
  • Stop the bleed
  • Observation techniques
  • Scaling techniques
  • Arresting techniques
  • Non-lethal weapon systems
  • Basic un-armed combat techniques

Un-armed Self-Defence

“Fear is your friend- learn to control and use it”

  • Situational awareness
  • Mental preparation
  • Battle breathing
  • Balanced stances / effective movement
  • Effective cover
  • Leg stomping / low kicks
  • Counter strikes
  • Anti-lifting – front and back
  • Anti-dragging – arms and legs
  • Fighting on the ground
  • Fighting from ground back to your feet
  • Hold prevention and hold escapes
  • Effective target areas
  • Effective falling techniques
  • Alternative / improvised weapons

Advanced Driving

“The road to excellence is lonely”

  • Introduction to 4×4 off road driving
  • Defensive driving:
    • Break recognition
    • Oversteer / understeer – regain of control
    • Emergency lane changes
    • Aqua planing
    • Dynamic vehicle handling
  • Offensive driving:
    • Handbrake turns
    • 180˚ reverse turns
    • Emergency lane changes on dry and rough surfaces and gravel
    • Ramming techniques
    • Driving in formations


“You’ve only reached 40% – Let’s GO!!”

Executive protection

Course content:

  • 244317 – Provide static protection to designated persons
  • 244319 – Provide protection to designated persons whilst in transit
  • 244327 – Provide pedestrian escort to designated persons
  • 244334 – Provide protection to designated persons whilst embussing and debussing
  • Level 3 – Provide first aid as an advanced first responder – introduction to TEMS
  • Apply advanced driving skills.  Defensive driving
  • Apply advanced driving skills.  Offensive driving
  • First aid skills
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Lethal and non-lethal weapon
  • Operational planning
  • Threat identification
  • Arresting techniques
  • Practical skills and scenario raining
  • Combat knife systems
  • Corporate functions

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